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We offer TONISCO Payment Solutions, to our customers all around the globe. We focus on crunching the payment cycle times for our customers through a state-of-the-art money transfer technology, so simple and cost effective that anybody can use it… We specialize in offering you a portfolio of services that will be the perfect solution to all your need-money-there-fast vows. If you want to… Send Cash in an instant… only through Tonisco Exchange Bereau Ltd. Follow these extremely simple steps: Sender approaches the nearest ToniSco agent. and gives the name and ID details of the beneficiary and pays cash. The money reaches the receiving Tonisco agent instantly. The beneficiary goes to the destination Tonisco agent and collects the money, 'in cash'. Send Cheque directly to bank/home without any postal delays …Avail of our TONISCO Cheque facility (Our remote draft printing facility). The sender approaches the Tonisco agent branch. …gives the bank details where the money is to be transferred. The information is downloaded and the draft is printed simultaneously in the liaison office nearest to the beneficiary bank. The draft is couriered to the beneficiary bank/home address to reach within 72 hours (usually the delivery is a lot quicker).

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